DIY Hair Color and Highlights on Short Haircuts for Women


DIY hair color and highlights if you are tired of the long hair, you can easily shortcut and look glamorous as some of these ladies featured on this list. Most women complain that maintaining short hair is very difficult, but once you are used to this type of hair, you will find it difficult to go back to the long hair you once had. You can also bleach it just like ladies featured in position.

In this article I have presented over 40 cute short hairstyles for women as we go on, I will teach you how to style that short hair and a glamorous look.

DIY Hair Color and Highlights

Step By Step DIY Hair Color and Highlights For Short Haircuts

STYLING SHORT HAIR: Since so many of short haircuts you can choose, I’m not going to dictate what hairstyle you should but I will explain in detail how you can each have this short haircuts listed here:

Short Bob: In position 1, 4 we have two beautiful ladies with cute bob hairstyles have long, short i, we will learn how you can have any of these bob haircut:

Condition and prepare your hair: – This is a basic procedure that you have to master, it must at your fingertips, that if you your want to change hairstyle, prepared to get it. Use an organic shampoo and Luke-warm / cold water to wash your hair; this will give you a thick band because bob hairstyles look better with short length bob. Dry your hair with a fan, so it moist, but not wet remains, please, don # 8217; t tried to get wet hair cut.

Comb your hair straight: – Before straightening short hair with a flat iron to comb it straight so that it pays to have no tangle, but you must use a wide toothed comb to get better results.

Apply a heat protectant spray: – Before a flat iron to direct your hair into a bob hairstyle, you need to protect your hair with a heat protectant spray. This is as a shield to act to protect your hair from heat produced by the flat iron.

Ironing your hair straight: Now its 8217, at the time, a beautiful short bob hair like the ones cut featured in position 1 4. You have to separate your hair into different sections, each section independently of iron, and adjust the temperature of the flat iron based on the type of hair.

Spray your hair: – Now you have finished straightening process, your hair is dry, but just so you have to give it a silky look with a shinny hair spray that makes it moist and thick yet at the same time, there is a looking smooth.

Style the bang: Not every woman has a pop, but those with bangs, you need to so that they just need with your new short bob haircut, style your bob basing on your face shape fit, with round you can face shapes for a front Pop decide the best example of a short bob haircut with a bang in front position 9, however, women with oval / square face shapes, you can go for a side swept bang decide.