COVID19 protein – an effective recombinant antigen reagent

Recombinant Antigens reagents
Recombinant Antigens reagents

The COVID-19 disease really took off in the closing months of 2019 in China and since then it has grown exponentially and subsequently spread across the world. At this point of time the Coronavirus has impacted and infected almost all the countries in the world with the exception of the few. There have been various studies that have been published at various timescales in the past where researchers predicted the potential pandemic. This suggests the scientists either didn’t foresee the gravity of the situation or there weren’t enough resources dedicated in preventing the outbreak of the SARS2 Coronavirus pandemic.

Recombinant Antigens reagents
Recombinant Antigens reagents

As far as the symptoms go they are fairly similar to what you get when you have the flu. This includes respiratory issues, difficulty in breathing, head ache, high temperature, coughing and loss of taste or smell in rare cases. If you feel or experience any of these symptoms then you must get yourself checked immediately at authorized facilities where the testing kits are available. It is important that you must not dismiss those symptoms as generic because if you do have the COVID-19 then you become a potential carrier and might infect other vulnerable and immune-compromised or deficient people. There are times when you do not even experience any symptoms and yet you might be carrying the Coronavirus.

Comparing the vital pathological properties of SARS-CoV and COVID-19

The higher rate of the renal impairment could be observed in the novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP) patients which indicates the development of the dysfunction of kidney. This was found to be consistent with the patients of SARS. The co-receptor of the SARS-CoV and the COVID-19 leads to the presentation of the higher level of expression in the kidney, testes and gastrointestinal tract. As the SARS induces the severe damage to the testes it presents high risk to the possibility of COVID-19 leading to testicular lesions in the male population. However this needs further studies as well as clinical investigations.

As there is higher degree of case fatality rate (CFR) of the SARS and NCP amongst the young males in comparison to the females, the resulting high ratio of the kidney damage should be given proper attention and resources. The disorder of the genitourinary system which caused by the infection of the COVID-19 needs to be looked at seriously.

The Cytokine release syndrome (CRS) remains one of the core factors which aggravates the progression of the disease. Higher value of the IL-6 and the IL-10 was found in the NCP patients which is in parallel with severity of disease. The IL-6 and IL-10 are basically core cytokines which are consistently observed to be elevated for patients that have CRS(23, 24). The Tocilizumab which is basically an anti-body that targets IL-6 receptor has been registered for the clinical trials in the provincial hospital of Anhui. For more detailed information you can check out the website

Conclusions from the comparison between COVID-19 and SARS-CoV

The older patients are found to have higher Case Fatality Rate (CFR) than the young people. The males have a higher degree of CFR in comparison to the females however this is likely to converge with the increase in age. The COVID-19 infection might eventually show kidney and testis damage. This in combination with the higher rate of CFR in the male population, the disorder of the genitourinary system caused by infection of COVID-19 needs proper caution.

It is vital that we should control CRS in the NCP IL-6, IL-10 and their receptors might be potential drugable target. Consistent with the decrease of CD+4 T and the CD+8T cells, the lymphocyte depletion and spleen damage might exist in the NCP patients. The various approaches for T Cell rescued could be considered. The other receptors like DC-Sign and L-Sign must be investigated in future.

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Recombinant Antigens reagents
Recombinant Antigens reagents

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