Choosing the best of electric scooters with the right technology and style


The electric scooters are the latest trend in the field of technology.  These are really solid and the deck is clearly visible and wide enough to place both your feet side by side. You may want to know more about Dualtron X 2 from the internet.  You will get complete information about the mechanisms like the folding steering tube and also folding handlebar.

Technology personified

It goes without saying that the Dualtron Storm is the zenith of Dualtron storm and it comes with standard swappable seventy-two volts, thirty one point five Ah LG pack of batteries with remote chargeable ports which gives you a range of eighty miles and you could also recharge it anywhere.  The Tesla acceleration and the 40-amp motor controllers which are smart in addition to the 6700 watt BLDC motors makes this an absolutely trendy and sophisticated rocket ship.  There is the right waterproofing and electronic cooling enabled processes. The double headset has been improvised considerably.

Understanding the specifications

The specifications include MAX 6640 watt BLDC double hub motor combined with a battery of 72 volts and this is a removable battery design.  The scooter weight is about one hundred and two pounds and it has a max load capacity of 330 pounds.  The product material includes frame and handle aviation grade of 6082 T6 aluminum alloy and the shaft is perfectly SCM440 steel combined with plastic covers.

The brilliance of Dualtron 

We all know for a fact that electric scooters are the standup variety and folding variety of scooters. This the revised version of the kick scooters that all of us at some point in time drove as kids. There is definitely a difference in both these scooters considering the excitement and the fun that the electric scooters have to offer to us.  You could ride these scooters standing up and these are equipped with the two inline wheels that provides maximum portability, speed and size. It is definitely fun for every one of us, be it young or old, small or big. Thinking of scooters, think Dualtron Electric scooters. Truly a revolution and electric scooters are going to stay here for a long time.

Advanced version of electric scooters

The Dualtron storm as the name suggests is definitely the advanced version of the sporty electric scooters and boasts of exceptional features combined with the already existing features of the older version. A lot many improvements have been brought about in this new revised version of Dualtron. With a lot many positive changes, the market for these scooters is definitely on the rise and the company has made sure to equip the scooters with full hydraulic brakes combined with 160 mm disks for optimal efficiency, gorgeous appearance and not to forget the energy dissipation.

The Dualtron Storm boasts of complete quality hydraulic brakes with the one hundred and sixty mm disks for an attractive look, energy dissipation and optimal efficiency. The removable batteries are surely an attractive feature. The Storm handle and frame are made of super tough aviation level of aluminum forging alloy.  The rubber suspensions of the Dualtron Storm are adjustable with forty-five configurations.  It also boasts of rear red lights and warning which are placed at an altitude for better visibility.

The controllers of Duatron storm are dependable and it has an enhanced water resistant feature. The entire procedure of replacing and accessing the electric scooters is easier and it is also easy for maintaining.

Last but not the least, the noteworthy improvements with regards to the motors, frame design, braking system pushes all the physical limits and boundaries and makes it truly dynamic.