Camille Cerf MISS FRANCE 2015! The last weekend, Camille Cerf was elected to the title of Miss France 2015. In the pages of Star TV, the lucky lady back at the remarks which she suffered because of her last name and does not appear to have took the fly, on the contrary.

Camille Cerf MISS FRANCE 2015

Camille Cerf MISS FRANCE 2015

Camille Cerf knows how to show self-mockery. On December 6, the Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais in 2014 has topped the pole the Miss Tahiti 2014 and Miss Riviera becoming the first elected Miss blond since the reign of Alessandra Rosenfeld in 2006 and ended the near monopoly brown under Miss France.


Camille Cerf visits the plateau in Europe 1 and RTL the day after her election to the Miss France 2015

Praised there a little over a week for its beauty, Camille Cerf was also mocked on the canvas because of her last name. Could include reading “When she was young, Camille Cerf #MissFrance2015 was a family slab”, “Camille Cerf (police)” or the photo of a deer with the caption, “Camille Cerf #MissFrance2015 elected. Beautiful Beast! “Drop-off window


Camille Cerf, Miss Nord-pas-de-Calais becomes Miss France 2015

Obviously far from being overwhelmed by such remarks, Camille Cerf MISS FRANCE 2015 informs readers Télé Star it has taken quite critical about this name … far from it. “I find it very funny. It I do not mind because it’s still good child, “she confided. A few hours after his coronation, Miss France 2015 had confided in the pages of La Voix du Nord she wanted “participate in the show Koh Lanta”. A few days were enough for Camille Cerf some reservations. “I love adventure, so Koh-Lanta could please me. But I do not like the reality TV side. Also, I do not see myself taking part to show “she loose eventually.