Beyoncé Short haircut is decidedly undecided at the capillary level. The singer yesterday unveiled a new haircut. And with a short square blur it caused a sensation.

This year, Beyoncé short haircut has made us see all the colors, or rather of all lengths, at the capillary level. If we had grown accustomed to seeing her with her long honey-colored mane, Queen B. had made the buzz by unveiling a picture of her with short hair.


Beyoncé Short Haircut at Topshop

Her boyish cut was not unanimous, so she immediately made an appearance with a plunging square wavy which suited her to perfection. Beyoncé Short haircut but quickly regained her long hair (thank you extensions). After a quiet period, the mother of Blue Ivy surprised all beautistas with arch-short fringe. She boosted this retro hairstyle with preppy look. But after a few days with this new haircut, it still changes her mind …

Beyoncé and Fuzzy Square


Last night at the New York Topshop evening, Beyoncé short haircut took the pose on the red carpet wearing a stunning black dress with sequins. A set of the British brand with a value of $ 130. Beyoncé, who will soon collaborate with Topshop, told to always enjoyed the style of the sign. And to showcase her little black dress, the wife of Jay-Z opted for a new haircut. So it is with a wavy short bob that focuses on the features of his face that appeared at this event.


Queen of the evening, which will soon collaborate with Topshop has to honor the brand by wearing this little dress with sequins worth $ 130.

What do you think of this new Beyoncé Short haircut?