Benefits of Li-ning basketball shoes

li ning
li ning

Li-ning basketball shoe is a famous sport shoe brand, equipped with the latest and advanced technology such as durability, comfort, stability, cushion, lightweight, etc. This basketball shoe is used in gameplay for advanced levels. Some of its technologies are: –

  1. Li ning cushioning technology
  2. Li ning lightweight technology
  3. Li ning stability technology
  4. Li ning Durability technology
  5. Li ning comfort technology
lining basketball shoes
lining basketball shoes

Li ning cushioning technology

Li-ning basketball shoes are constructed with high polymer material in the midsole that gives the best comfort and reduces the impact on your shoes. It is best suitable for quite aggressive players and requires more cushion for dribbling and fast running. Li-ning cloud technology helps to give you a lightweight and soft shoe helps in shock absorption during games.

Li ning lightweight technology

This helps you in fast movement as the shoes are lightweight. Li-ning RB lite shoe technology increases players’ energy and performance level as this technology is constructed with a lightweight rubber material. This helps in fast running. Li ning foam RB lite is 40% lighter than your normal shoe. Li-ning for EVA basketball shoes are designed with EVA foam material which is lightweight and 30-40% lighter than normal shoes.

Li ning stability technology

Li ning basketball shoes have flex shell technology that provides more stability and increases your feet’ coordination with the shoe sold (upper material). This gives you better performance by combining the rational distribution of flexible and elastic material. You get a better shoe structure. This shoe has ultra shell technology that gives you dynamic protection, reduces inner moisture, and improves air permeability. Li-ning basketball shoes have X-Claw technology that enhances flexibility during dribbling and running on soft and hard ground surfaces. The X structure technology of li ning basketball shoes fits easily in your feet as they have an adjustable system, so you get protection and additional support. The carbon fiber plate-equipped technology in li-ning basketball shoes gives more strength and helps to maintain the shoe sole’s position, so you get good landing. Li ning ProBar Local technology gives stability, enhances performance, and gives good midfoot protection.

Li ning Durability technology

Li ning basketball shoes are equipped with Tuff OS, Tuff TIP, and PacTRAC technology, which provides abrasion rubber material. You get better resistance power in comparison to other shoes with normal material. It is designed with anti-slip conundrum material, which improves traction and higher durability than conventional rubber. TIP technology in upper material increases the life span of shoes.

Li ning comfort technology

Li-ning basketball shoes have cooling technology, which provides more comfort by removing out the heat from the sole. The Hemp technology in this shoe is mixed into cotton if EVA insole, so it helps to reduce moisture and keep your sole free from bacteria. This technology helps to get rid of moisture from the soles.

lining basketball shoes
lining basketball shoes

Advantages of using li ning basketball shoes

  • Lateral stability is provided by the midsole, which is suitable for power players
  • The one-piece fabric used in uppers to provide coverage and protection to ankles
  • Li-ning cloud technology used in the midsole provides cushioning
  • Collisions or scratches are reduced as they are designed with an anti-collision toe design
  • Dynamic shell is used in heel part to ensure good ankle support
  • Rubber and EVA both are used in outsole, which makes shoes more wearable and makes them anti-slip
  • It is equipped with a stylish vamp as it uses laser design to make you look attractive on the court
  • It has a back strap design which provides great convenience to put on and take off shoes easily.

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