Beautiful celebrity hairstyles Preparations for Halloween arrived at the last minute, and you need an emergency dose of inspiration for an original look that you want to display the party. Stars rush to her aid again and I suggest some beautiful celebrity hairstyles for the fun evening of October 31st. Here’s what I propose chic styles Sienna Miller, Pink, Rihanna and Mary-Kate Olsen Halloween Hairstyles:


Beautiful Celebrity Hairstyles For Fun Evening Halloween

Style “Princess” for Halloween Hairstyles

Halloween Hairstyles

Wicker wreath own hair, proudly displayed by Sienna Miller, will surely delight you. Once you have carefully braided tail, wrap it around the scalp and catch a few clips thin. Finally, apply a quality hairspray and enjoy the result.

Punk Style For Halloween Hairstyles


A wacky appearance can be achieved with a style punk hairstyles, easy. All you have to do is to dry your hair the hair with the dryer without a comb. Finally, you need wax or hairspray cream, which has a stretch vigorously passing fingers through her hair in a disorderly manner.

Rihanna Pin-Up Hairstyles

Rihanna Pin-Up Hairstyles

Pin-up hairstyles, typical ’50s, challenging brings modern, elegant, hot and full of eroticism. You need a big loose curls hairstyle; you can get some curlers or curling thick. It is necessary to wear oversized pins, ribbons, headbands thick or large bows. Rihanna gives you a model to follow.

Retro-Rock Hairstyles

Retro-Rock Hairstyles


Use a round brush with a circumference of fewer than 43 millimeters, which to wrap the hair from the head and it tapezi from root to ends. Then fix styling gel with ultra-powerful greenhouse kept upright hair, available in any store cosmetics. You will, undoubtedly, at height.

Hippie-Chic Hairstyles

Hippie-Chic Hairstyles

All you have to do is to direct your hair well so that locks the front to perfectly fit your face, and finally to position a wicker rim in the middle of the forehead.

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