Angelina Jolie Ponytail and Smoky Makeup! The wife of Brad Pitt never ceases to feel at each appearance on the red carpet to promote her evil film. Angelina Jolie has relied on a beauty look very sexy in Los Angeles.

Angelina Jolie travels the world at this time to promote the film Evil alongside young actress Elle Fanning. If both women are feeling at each occurrence, note that embodies the witch in the film is always accompanied by Brad Pitt. It does not let a sole and the couple seems more cohesive than ever. An accident is unfortunately came a spoiled their happiness…


Beauty Look! Angelina Jolie Ponytail and Smoky Makeup

We learned yesterday that Brad Pitt was assaulted on the red carpet by a stranger, but fortunately nothing serious happened to him. Yesterday in Los Angeles the couple still attracted all eyes, but the audience was mostly there for the beautiful Angelina Jolie.

A beauty to look down

If Angelina Jolie is usually subscribes to the natural beauty look, yesterday she released the big game Exit strict brushing, this time, the actress opted for a trendy ponytail and glamorous. She accompanies her hair a dark eye makeup and smoke, which bring out her clear eyes. The detail that kills her jewel earrings XXL! Angelina Jolie wears a golden spike as unique accessory, a fashion tip to remember. This key fits perfectly with her evening gown leather.

Angelina Jolie is back in theaters! And it is in a dark and scary role it lands on May 28 in theaters in France. It is indeed slipped into the skin of a witch Maleficent Disney Made in Robert Stromberg.

She added that despite all rotate with Vivienne was “awesome” and accurate. “I’ve been running in the film because the other children of his age would have been afraid of me because I was really scary Evil and dressed in scene, the small Aurora must really want to be near me and love me as I have to be a bit naughty. So Vivienne was repeated several times, and I was really surprised to see how she was doing well. ”

If Angelina Jolie admits that finally make a movie “that her children could watch” tipped the balance when she accepted this project, she does not hide that she feared the home fans this “heroin if known Disney.” “I was really afraid to disappoint the fans and I am one of them. I was really a fan of it when I was little and when that character is embodied, we must be sure to make bold choices. There is no turning back with a character like this.

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