First class Alviero Martini Handbags, geo takes on the colors of autumn 2016 2017 known for legendary Geo print, the Italian brand focuses on tone and warmth to the new bags.

Alviero Martini first class presents us its new handbags for fall winter 2016 2017 and colors are inspired by their warm tones of the first part of the heating season although there are cooler hues suitable for winter.

Alviero Martini Handbags 1 Class is very popular and widespread among women of all ages and the brand is best known for accessory lines.


Alviero Martini Handbags

Let’s find out what are the models that complement the basic line for these next few months.

Alviero Martini Handbags 2016 2017 Collection

The new collection of the brand focuses on a casual style, suitable for everyday life, but also thanks to some chic handbag a little ‘sought.

Alviero Martini handbags with any seasonal collection alongside the classic Geo print inserts or colored handles that break the set; This time peak of winter tones such as dark brown, Rosso borgo GNA and mustard.

In addition to these models a more sophisticated features leather handbags, plain, characterized by small golden metal decorations, such as buckles and studs. Even in this case, red is the great protagonist but peep beige and gray.


We Like

The solid line is definitely a first for this stagione. Alviero Martini handbags have a style very attractive and elegant as in the case of one of the hand bags with detachable shoulder strap.

We Do Not Like

The main problem is that, especially in line with Geo print, it’s hard to find something truly innovative. All brands have their logo or line with the recurring motif in plain sight but some, including Alviero Martini; they might make it a little ‘Don resorption also in the regional proposal.

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