All you need to know about MICRO SWITCH

China Mikroschalter Unternehmen
China Mikroschalter Unternehmen

Micro switch is an electric switch which is technically known as miniature snap-action – switches. With the help of very little physical force, it woks on the basis of tripping point mechanism. Sometimes, this mechanism is known as an over-center mechanism. Micro switches are low in cost with high durability.

china micro switch company
china micro switch company

Micro switches are construct from the metal and connected with spring. When a sufficient external force is applied then the micro switch flips. On the other hand, when external force decreases, the switch again flips in the opposite direction. The movement of strip metal is very fast which produces a clicking sound. During these procedures, the clicking sound produces. This sound feels like the mouse button on the PC.

Advantages of Micro Switch

The micro switches are low in cost. Despite low in cost, it is more durable and trustable. It is easily available in the market. The micro switches are mostly used in safety mechanisms because of their simple working operation.
Another big advantage is the excellent design of the micro switch. The durability of the micro switch is the result of its design.
Micro switches become more economical when purchased in the bulk. As a result, the demand for micro switches is much more as compared to other electric instruments.

 China Micro Switch
China Micro Switch

UNIONWELL, The Best Micro Switch Company In China

Unionwell is one of the leading micro switch companies in china. The headquarter of the company is located in South China. We are creating and manufacturing a variety of cost-effective china micro switches and electronics products. Our products are widely assembled locally and globally. Our workshop is located in between the Shenzhen and Dongguang which covers more than 22000 square meter area. We have done a great job in the last 20 years with our services. Unionwell is only China Micro Switch Company which produces waterproof switch series, rotary switch series, micro switch series, push-button power switch series, and other switches.

We are manufacturing approx 300 million pieces annually which makes us the best China Micro Switch Manufacturer in the country. Our quality switches are one of the best keys to ON or OFF in electronic components, automatic electronics, home appliances, and other electronic tools. Unionwell has the most experienced technical engineers team in the automatization industry and micro switches industry. We regularly take the feedback with our customers and request for their valuable suggestions. We implement their suggestions and always available to help them with their projects.

We have obtained quality assurance certification. With our strong and efficient teamwork, Unionwell can provide 100 % satisfaction to its customers. We are testing every single piece of China Micro Switches which is the reason for our good quality instruments. We always focus on innovation and product development in micro switches. We work with suppliers to improve the quality of the instruments. Our company has a complete product testing system and working on the research and development of precision injection modeling, automation equipment research and development, precision molds, and testing. Unionwell always believes that a skilled and excellent team is the key to guarantee success in the manufacturing of microswitch. We also believe in resolving the customer’s problem which erupts during the usage of micro switch and other electronic instruments.

Its Applications

In fire alarms, the micro switches play an important role which controls the emergency stop as well as release the doors. Micro switches construct for the act as a button in any electrical device. It also activates or deactivates the alarm according to the current situation.
It is widely used in control panels, card readers during the removal of any software. In cameras, the micro switches used to fix the points on the respected positions. It can be also used to activate or deactivate the camera.

This device is used for the detection of changes in air pressure. It is also used in the elevator to detect the position of the particular floor.

Micro switches can be used indoor locks by which it can be checked the locking as well as the unlocking position. In roller doors, it may be checked when the door is open.
The micro switches are most commonly used in the washing machines. It controls the supply of electricity within the washing machine. It detects the power ON/OFF in the machine. It can be also used to check the water level in the washing machine.

It is widely used in the air conditioning which maintains the uniform temperature of the particular room. With the help of micro switches, the temperature of the room can be increased or decreased according to need at a particular time.