African American hair care how you on this list, we see 40 different things that you yourself decide, however, view this cute length hairstyles all the time, you have to take appropriate order. Below I will briefly presented the steps you can follow to maintain short black hair.


African American Hair Care Routine of Black Hairstyles

Step By Step African American Hair Care Routine

Wash It: – This is a basic process that each woman should go through. However, you need to use it right shampoo / conditioner.

Keep Wet: – Short African American hair is naturally dry, it has less oil, so you have to keep it moist all the time, so it looks nice and shinny. You can get a good hairspray 1 2 times in a day.

Cut Regularly: – Although African American hair grows slowly, you have to keep it in shape by trimming off all those strands of hair outgrowth split ends.
If you have a straight haircut, you will notice split ends when you comb your hair short straight.

Avoid Heat: – I know you want to keep your hair and change your appearance, but most of the heat products like curling / straightening irons is this beautiful short black hair to expose to excessive heat, which may damage your hair, some of these length hairstyles are done using natural methods, for example, you can create a wavy / curly short hair with a bun method, you also get straight your hair with a comb.

Be Gentle with Short Hair: – After changing your lifestyle and daily activities such as exercising regularly / eat well, drink enough water, you also have to be gentle when dealing with short black hair, if you use a brush, opt for a wide toothed Use brush and careful when brushing your teeth need hair should always short hair brush from above, as you make your way down.


Short curly hairstyles for black women length

However, you should avoid using a boar brush, because it can damage your hair.
Change your diet: – This may sound like a joke, but what you eat plays a big role when it comes to preserving the beauty of hair. You must eat foods with vitamins and protein, your hair more natural oils needed, so eat natural fats like g-nuts, fish and much more.

You also need to drink more water, so your hair stays moist.