About the Technology Debate Facebook Home


Social networking giant decided wedged between users with the Android platform, there is no wonder Google felt tense.

Last night, Facebook announced a user interface entirely new (download form) to replace the home screen, lock screen and phone wallpapers. Instead of interface and familiar features of Android, you will receive a slideshow of updates, photos and links shared by your friends on Facebook.

Zuckerberg wants to squeeze between Android users.

CNET says, Facebook obviously wants to take direct control of its members and the company has worked wisely. Home can download from 12/4 application form rather than a brand new operating system. It also is not a customized version of nothing to regarding how the original Android that Amazon has made the Kindle Fire. Therefore, if users do not like Home, they can fully return to traditional Android interface without anything in exchange.

So why is Google worried? Because Home is a family of applications combined with a deep new user interface providing a new smartphone experience. In some respects, it has the potential to overtake Android especially in the eyes of the believer Facebook addiction.

Do Home runs on Android so Facebook can take them to the application with a lot of equipment in a short time with almost no restrictions encountered from Google. Meanwhile to make the iPhone Home the company will have to spend more to negotiate with Apple.

However, IDC said that Google should not worry yet as long as Facebook has not intervened in the search business model for now, both sides benefit is still in the “river water wells have not committed.

Because Android is an open platform, so most free Google earns revenue from advertising on the phone. It expects users to use the product search, email … her. Although Facebook did not mention the search engines Graph Search for Home launch event but not hard to visualize this network will soon offer features that the Home in the near future and one sure Facebook will not open a separate application or a development of an application map for? After all, both Facebook and Google are actively invading each other’s territory (Google jumps into social networking Facebook is looking to expand into). Mobility is a key battleground for both his company and everyone wants to take control of the market. Currently, Google is prominent position thanks to the popularity of Android.

About the technology appeared to be divided on the potential risk of Facebook with Google.
About the technology appeared to be divided on the potential risk of Facebook with Google.

But in the eyes of analyst Jan Dawson (firm Ovum) the Home will let Facebook track user behavior on mobile devices much more. This is an extremely important data in the field of advertising. If Facebook jumps into mobile advertising, Google will certainly hot surface.

Even Zuckerberg’s confession about Android is an open platform so Facebook does not need to “work with Google” when the Home was developed that reflects the place of the two companies. Although Google has not publicly oppose Home by Android trot is committed to maintaining an open, airy, the company certainly is not happy about it.

Please do stars are, as commented Slashgear site Facebook’s new moves is the process of “invasion of Android” increasing the area of Facebook on the smartphone screen as well as coverage to mobile devices. And Apple, one of Google’s competitors now certainly not to invade Facebook iOS home screen that way.

Worse, Business Insider page headlines are monumental, that Facebook has destroyed the Google Android strategy.

The reason for this assertion, BI Analyst: Android’s main objective is to persuade users to use Google services like search or Gmail. But basically, Home killed goals. It displays all information updates and reminders with your friend’s right on your phone’s home screen. It also allows you to enable Facebook and Facebook Messenger app with just a single touch.

Home-like door opens almost every application in the device, except search. You realize that you are looking for a few days to go, when applications possess more of his time. Facebook and Instagram accounts for about one quarter of the time you spend every day for the phone, Zuckerberg yet. Obviously Home will encourage them to spend more time for Facebook’s services.

Of course, the search will not be death but it is no longer the ultimate tool anymore. When you want to find a good restaurant near his mouth, you would ask your friends use Foursquare or Facebook. Facebook has made things like adding a blanket up again on Android, how to prevent Google users. “It was a very smart move by Facebook but bitter fruit for Google,” TechCrunch comment.

Wired then wondered Home has opening for a movement that Twitter and other social networks will be scrambling to introduce a “super apps” like this, take the lock screen, home phone of the future or not.

But not everyone is optimistic in predicting the success of the Home. “Facebook users want to assume that the network used to filter all the activities of the day on the phone. But if they think Facebook and Facebook = friends = friends are very wrong,” Maclean warning page.