A Guide To Hats You Will Fall in Love With!


A hat is the perfect accessory when you want to switch up your style a little but you are all out of ideas. It is quaint, it is chic, and when paired well, a hat makes heads turn wherever you go. Men look suave and handsome with the right hat, while women can look absolutely gorgeous and adorable when they pair their killer outfit with the perfect hat.

This little guide however is for all you ladies out there who are just waiting to showcase the perfect outfit for every season. Get ready for the spring with a stunning dress and put on a hat to make the ultimate look for the season or simply don a beanie to beat the winters with style. Check out the different hat styles you can try:

  1. A leather cap that breaks the monotony and gives you a fresh look



Ladies, always keep a leather cap around for days when you just can’t be bothered to do your hair properly and still want to look good. Just remember not to wear too much leather in the rest of your attire, as it will look a bit to matched. What you are aiming for it some contract and a worn jean, a pastel top, a thin jacket and a leather cap are the ultimate casual style statement this season.

  1. Get the beanie look right



The great thing about hats is that there are so many styles and types to choose from. The beanie, for example, is the ultimate accessory for creating that casual and fun look that all of us love so much. A loose fitting beanie goes well with almost any kind of casual dress. Take care though that you do not wear a beanie with a formal dress, or at a formal event. Beanies and formal absolutely do not go well together.

  1. Invest in a fedora


Invest in a fedora

You cannot call yourself a hat lover if you do not have a fedora or two in your closet. A fedora looks incredible when paired with a smart office casual type of look, but goes just as well with worn out jeans and a white top. As long as you take care that the fedora fits you well, you have the perfect hat with you for nearly every occasion.

  1. Fur hats are your friend


Winters are bitter and all of us love to stay warm whenever we can. Not all of us are lucky enough to get to spend all our times in a bed, hidden under layers of blankets, and for the time when you need to step out, keep warm with a fur hat. Pair it with a simple and short overcoat, preferably in a bright and positive colour, and your winter attire is ready. Fur hats with ears, or similar strange appendages, are a strict NO NO!

Hats are amazing, hats are awesome, and hats are something that you need to have in your wardrobe. You can wear a hat with any dress, and there are hats available for every season. Stay stylish, stay pretty, and most of all, love your hats!