Get up early, do some housework, eat a breakfast full of energy… is very good habits you should build and maintain. These habits not only help women have a day full of excitement, but this is very good for health it anymore.

1 . Get up early

Go to bed early and wake up early every day is a good habit you should maintain. The biggest benefit of up early the order everything goes according to plan. You can then exercise cooking breakfast for the family or do something to the individual. Get up early means you do not have to hurry, scurrying up now afraid not, or can give her a little aside quiet time in office.

Get up early is not easy, even for those familiar with it and sometimes can not resist the allure of sleep. Nice to know that I opened my eyes, the world is our own even if only for a short time, until all the people are waking up.

2 . Bathing in the morning

Still not knowing bath morning routine of Vietnam, but real, good morning shower to promote blood circulation, creates feeling fresh, cool, helps regulate mood, relaxed spirit greet the new day.

Moreover, before bathing, you should have some body movements boot ( singing, aerobics… ) for awake, bathing process helps better blood circulation.

Morning bath is good for promoting blood circulation, refreshing feeling.

3 . defecation

If you do not have this habit also do not worry, just spent a short time to learn to adapt is. Simple as that evening before eating more fiber as cabbage, sweet potatoes, the next morning you wake up sad or not sad though there are defecating on the toilet sit for a while, long time, should a natural reflex every morning soon.

4 . Get up slowly

Early morning wake sat up, will make sudden changes in blood pressure, leading to dizziness headache. The best way to do is open your eyes after not even sit up in bed that limb movement a bit, after about 5 minutes get up.

If you get stuck in the could not open my eyes every morning, you close your eyes and body stretched out, turned to right, left to awaken the body, helping you awake and ” turn up ” easier.

5 . Drinking warm liquids

After a long night, the body takes place excretion, metabolism without over water, more water will be lost. Therefore, a glass of warm water will be very good at this point. It helps cleanse the stomach after a long night of work.

Moreover, hard- drinking water each day will also help your skin shiny, elastic better. Next, the water will promote metabolic process faster, excrete waste out of the body easily.

6 . Tapping his face

After waking up , rather than turn up or are lazy estate, you make the move a little bit, then hand patted her cheek. The applause surface will help you to enhance blood circulation to the skin, so it will face more cheerful pink greeting the new day.


7 . Posing in the mirror

Every morning you should spend 10 minutes in the mirror for makeup, skin care, try to coordinate outfits with many different colors, then choose the most appropriate one, and confident pose in the mirror, do not forget to smile real big one. This will help you to mental shock, more confident .

8 . A breakfast full of energy

The dietician said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is the foundation to provide the most beneficial nutrition for health

Breakfast is a good habit that doctors recommend that you should never be ignored. Breakfast charging you more energy and strength to work all day, especially after a period of fasting lasts throughout the night, this is why breakfast is called ” break – fast “.

Although breakfast is not a top priority, especially when the stomach can not wake up the same time as you, but this is the first step for you to have a productive day.

No need to eat too much if you do not want to stomach. A simple breakfast with fried bread and eggs can also help you with enough energy until lunch and snacks to help you avoid those sugar and fat.

9 . Doing some housework

Working the morning ? This may sound odd. In fact, the 6.30 – 7am wake up, try to do a few simple chores see why, it will help you in the mood relaxed, gentle, relieve pressure and reduce fat there anymore.