5 Habits That Cause Kidney Damage


Both men and women are at risk for kidney disease if you do not know about prevention and prevention of eating habits as well as activities that can harm the kidneys. Here is the routine quite simple but the most harmful to the kidneys.

For women, the nephrotic will accelerate the aging process, sagging breasts, the hair loss, apathy, and even affect the next generation. Therefore, women need utmost attention and give up the bad habit after :

Do not like to drink water

Many women feel a pain to have to be afraid to drink toilet water. Be aware that metabolic activity in the body generates waste and will be ” thrown ” out of the body through urine. Therefore, the kidney should have enough water to perform this function well.
5 Habits That Cause Kidney DamageDrinking carbonated water more

In carbonated water often contains more caffeine to get the blood pressure increases, blood pressure too high will damage the kidneys.

 Eating salty

Tolerated too much salt, the kidneys burden will increase, thereby making the decline in renal function.

 Like drinking beer

If you are at risk for kidney disease regularly drink more beer will make uric acid deposition, accumulation leads to renal tubular obstruction, kidney failure.

Eating too much meat

Eating too much meat greatly affect the kidneys. Should reduce meat, vegetables, fruit increases, even soup.

10 shows the expression of kidney problems :

1.In the morning when you wake up discovered more than normal hair loss.

2 .Lower memory, what happened yesterday, today is not clearly remember.

3 .Could not sleep the whole evening, including the full bed is a nightmare.

4 .Evening urinate often, there is also the phenomenon daytime urination.

5 . Low immunity, flu season has arrived, the whole feel themselves vulnerable to flu attack.

6 . apathy

7 . Irregular menstruation, not an upset.

8 . Regular unprovoked anger has not found work force air out.

9 . Eating delicious, anorexia

10 . Emaciated face color, brightness after wake up often in the eye dark circles, skin soft flabby, saggy, dry.