5 Foods To Help Burn Belly Fat Fast


Nuts, green vegetables, eggs … create satiety and help the body burn fat cells.

1 . Salads and vegetables


After consultation with the doctor ‘s advice or expert, you can choose the type of salad or vegetables fit in the daily diet . In particular, replacing one meal a day with a hint of green vegetables is effective to burn belly fat fast, because foods rich in fiber, promote metabolic process in the body faster, reducing sweet cravings and help hunt down the abdomen.

2 . Milk and yogurt

The low-fat dairy products can help the body burn fat while 70 % drank 3-4 cups per day. Abundant calcium in milk helps reduce fat cells in the body and prevent the formation of new fat cells. In addition, beneficial digestive bacteria in yogurt effects from toxins out of the digestive system and absorb nutrients from food in the best way.

3 . Oatmeal


You should use oatmeal for breakfast because it helps the body to stabilize blood sugar and slows digestion, feeling full longer. Inside it dry, carbon-hydrates in foods help prevent hormone production form fat cells.

4. Eggs

Experts said people who eat egg whites for breakfast would be more likely to lose weight than by egg white protein and vitamin B12, can benefit the belly fat burning process.

5. Nuts