WSJ! Apple and Yahoo are Discussing To Integrate More Content Into iOS


According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is in talks with Yahoo to provide more information on the company’s iOS devices. Yahoo has long been a provider of data for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, as the typical application tracking stock prices and weather data by default is taken from Yahoo, Yahoo, use Siri to find and display the sports scores.

WSJ! Apple and Yahoo are Discussing To Integrate More Content Into iOS

Now, the two companies are discussing to expand the scope of the integration of this data and get more content and news from Yahoo News. Most likely they will be present in the application is integrated into the operating system. Wall Street Journal said the two sides have not reached a specific agreement.

Rumors of Apple working with select Yahoo is not too surprising. Previously, CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer said mobile unit is an important part of her strategy to improve business performance. The selection of the starting point iOS machine is completely logical because if it jumps into Android will be hampered by Google, which is providing a lot of content such as maps, search, advertising, news reader (Google Current), translation … The Google Maps and YouTube is no longer available on iOS as well as an opportunity to Yahoo set foot in the Apple ecosystem.

However, even if Yahoo and Apple have reached an agreement with each other, Google’s presence on iOS is still strong as ever. Google has launched YouTube and Maps apps for this OS, added even more features than the default version of iOS 5 and earlier. Gmail, Google Search and numerous other services Google logo also appeared on iOS. Therefore, the competition will become Yahoo’s harder, but what is not possible.