Top 6 Braided Hairstyle Inspiration from Celebrities


Braid or in Indonesian called this braid can indeed be applied to all kinds of hair styles. The celebrities also not want to miss the experimental hairstyles with braids, girls.

01: Dakota Fanning

Dakota face shape is the same tiny fish tail braid decorated made on the two sides of the hair. This hairstyle is inspired hair style milkmaid style, girls. Classical but still look beautiful!

02: Amanda Siegfried

Our hair is quite average for organized baseball into French braid? The idea of Amanda in her hair we can imitate, here. Amanda made a twist on the same dial braid her hair and classic. Creative!

03: Emma Watson

Messy Braid baseball can only be applied when a bad hair day or playing to the beach, really. Time attending the red carpet event, she wore her hair so messy side braid that began with the French braid.

04: Jennifer Lawrence

Unlike at Dakota that uses fish tail braid hair style for style milkmaid, Jen actually her hair with a classic braid. This one style fits the same face shape Jen also wore dresses.

05: Kelly Osborne

Kelly’s name if it appears not mediocre. Kelly arranging braid that has a sweet impression hairstyle tends to be jamming with additional accessory punk spike.

06: Nina Dobra

Nina wore her hair in braids that made bun, girls. The front of Nina purposely let reserving impressed messy. It is the right choice for us who want to hide the shape of the cheek.
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