The Smartphone ‘Blockbuster’ Soon Forgotten


Google Nexus 4, LG Optimus G or even the HTC Butterfly debuted at risk and “E” weight by the continuous occurrence of strong new products.

There is an actual Android phone users should always be acquainted every time a new version is launched; high-end products with their old life “fell” very quickly. From a hot item be brought in everywhere comparison, the models suddenly become “antiques” and very little attention at the point of a number of such products in the negative list below.

Google Nexus 4

Google Nexus 4

About 3 months ago, Nexus 4 is the center of all attention was dubbed the “super-cheap” and prices unstinting hand blown when officially sold out. There was the time, the Nexus 4 portable edition sold in Vietnam for $ 12.5 million, even though its 16GB cost only 350 USD (over 7 million). Until now, when all the attention put into new products such as Xperia Z, HTC or Galaxy S4 One, Nexus 4 price the laptop is cooled rapidly to more than 8 million, the price is considered to be ” hit the floor. ” Actually, this is still a very good product with quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro strong, bright screen, to be integrated the latest version of Android. If a person is not too “wild” products “hot”, Nexus 4 is possible with a good selection at reasonable prices.

LG Optimus G

The fate of Optimus G is quite the “carpet” in the Vietnamese market, by this new model “wet foot dry foot” come to Vietnam not long ago. About a week after the announcement of the selling price of 12.5 million dong in Vietnam, the retailer has quietly lowered the price of this product to 11.5 million (genuine). The Optimus G is no longer “hot” part is due to Korean manufacturers are quite slow to launch this product in Vietnam. A more important reason is due to the presence of the products of “terrorist” other, including the “juniors” of it as the Optimus G Pro.

Sony Xperia T / TX, V

Sony Xperia T TX, V

The 3 “final boss” of Sony in 2013 had just landed Vietnamese market is not so long but was “suppressed” by the great appeal of the Xperia Z. From sophisticated cube design and beautiful, water resistant, dust resistant to configure, Xperia Z are superior to all 3 products mentioned above. Therefore, the 3 Xperia T, TX and V also suffer the same fate dropped significantly after sales market. The Sony is bringing new series of mid-range products, including the Xperia SP configuration is not inferior to the aforementioned products as this makes the 3 overshadowed at the moment.



Nobody remembers the name One X although about a year ago, it was all praise it as one of the best smartphones on the market at the time of launch, the One X is the top most smartphone cameras and high-profile design also flawless but for now it is only for nostalgic people. The appearance of the HTC One with attractions such as ultra pixel camera, Sense UI is 5 and seamless aluminum shell design makes any seasoned users have always admired. That’s not to mention, HTC devotees also countless options “genuine” than as the One X One X + or Butterfly.

HTC Butterfly

HTC Butterfly

In the stuffy nearly a year, HTC has launched a smartphone consecutive 4 senior, so the next generation products “to” previous life is inevitable. Butterfly Effect which creates quite short by simple HTC One full ownership of what it is, is even stronger. Can Butterfly is a strategic product segments targeting HTC phablet because it is 5 inch screen size but if users accept it when they have another option with the smaller size only 0 , 3 inch screen, Full HD resolution, metal casing and more powerful processor that costs only par?