The Form of the Invention is Worth Waiting for Apple


Curved screen displays 3D clock … iWatch is the product samples that the tech world is waiting for their eyestrain Apple launch.

If this product becomes a reality, this will be a breakthrough new technology of Apple in the years. we’ll pass along the series of Apple patent will appear in the near future.

The Form of the Invention is Worth Waiting for Apple

3D Curved Display Screen

A patent application for the new Apple disclosed that they are working on creating a new smartphone with transparent body and wrapped around the plastic screen phone. Flexible displays will be stacked to create a lot of different layers to create a 3D image or perform some other effects that are often difficult to screen can do.

IWatch Wristwatch

In May 8.2011, Apple has filed a patent on the USPTO on a device using flexible screen can bend and touch support, used to wear on the wrist. This device can be connected to other products (iPhone, iPad) via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

In particular, information on the touch screen will always show the correct direction according to the wearer’s eyes, through a gyroscope, accelerometer. In addition, it also has a few other features such as directions to tourists or flashing lights mounted on the side screen to notify the user that a certain event.

Order to Protect The IPhone Screen Rotation When Falling

This patented technology is helping smartphone quick response and reasonable rotation angle in case of accidental drop to the ground. This patent describes many institutions plan to deploy the Apple iPhone in the moments protect computer crashed. Gyro, accelerometer sensor and some other sensors will be installed on the device to help create rotating mechanism.

The system with the support of the department will adjust the orientation of the iPhone on the phone so do not fall down in position for at least damaged. It is known that Apple’s new technology-based activities for a major department installed inside iPhone and is controlled by a gas container.

Unlock By Fingerprint

This is a quite realistic patented and high security. When you unlock the iPhone in action “SLIDE TO UNLOCK”, a fingerprint recognition technology will be integrated and direct matching fingerprint check as soon as the gang slides on the screen. If you find fingerprints do not match, you will be denied access to the device.

Hybrid Device Between Tablet And Laptop

Page Patently Apple has the technology to upload images with light on a new Apple product, the computer device with a screen that features separated from his keyboard and used as a standalone tablet established.

The patent also says the display will be equipped with a processor, wireless chips, while the keyboard is also equipped with full configuration, including a processor, and wireless chip source power. The following screen when separated from the keyboard can be used with batteries or plugged independent source for prolonged use without connecting back to the keyboard.

iPhone Battery Charger With Solar

This is a patented integrated sensor enables battery charger with solar on the touch screen of the iPhone. Thus, the computer screen with the ability to absorb solar energy, help is on the battery operating time is much longer.

View The Content of Individual Calls to Hold

Surely no one wants to encounter situations when the machine kept waiting in the other line is busy work something. Understanding the Psychological Well, Apple has plans to display technologies have time to hold. Now, in the meantime, you can play music or view personal content related to the person on the other line For example, information on the last call of 2 people or a future appointment.

Gesture Control

This is quite similar to the patented Air Gestures feature on the phone Samsung Galaxy S4. Specifically, the iPhone will be integrated motion sensor or use the front camera to record motion and action. You do not need to touch the screen that can slide back and forth between the images or music.

Function Remote Control

Currently, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC and LG Optimus G Pro one is equipped with an infrared port to control home appliances such as TVs or air conditioning. Apple patent has similar functionality but is done on the iPod. As a result, users can use the iPod to control the stereo system or speakers.

Integrated Contacts to the Desktop Interface

Previously, Apple is quite focused on the patent research for mobile devices. However, the company did not forget to care little for the Mac OS desktop. Late last March, the company is headquartered in Cupertino has been granted a patent describing the process of integrating communications directly to their Mac screen. Also, you can assign a picture to represent the contact like on smartphones. However, the point especially when you want to share content or materials with a touch of that, you can drag and drop files into respective contact fields.

Charging The Built-in Touch Panel Protection Cover

An Apple patent titled “Charging the built-in touch panel protection cover” describes a method of using the iPad Smart Cover as wireless charging devices. This shield will be built from the induction coil and the battery can, both will provide energy for iPad. To charge the tablet in this manner simply close visor, then the iPad will be able to source directly from the charger or the Smart Cover.