5 Questions To Jo Maiden, The Founder Of The Asos Line “Made in Kenya”.


The launch of the new line “Made in Kenya” on Asos was an opportunity for us to meet Joanna Maiden, founder of the SOKO association at the initiative of this colorful collection.

7 years of collaboration with Asos … How is it?

Jo Maiden: What’s really exciting is seeing the line evolve so much season after season. My team in Kenya is getting more and more pro and doing things that it has never done before. This year, for example, children were asked to paint anything they wanted. In Kenya, education is really based on “the rules”, you have to do that and not do that. Asos gives the freedom to go beyond the limits and that’s what’s great about this collaboration.

What is the “Made in Kenya” style?

The collections are really based on prints and colors. The idea is to put some of Africa in fashion. My team, there is still extremely primed. I am always surprised by the care that women put in choosing their look and in every detail. That’s what I love! They can be dressed on a Monday as they would be dressed for a wedding.

Do you think fashion contributes positively to society?

People are given the opportunity to work but above all to express themselves. So yes, I believe in fashion for that! Those who make it express themselves, those who wear it feel better … It is incredible in any case what this line does for both the Kenyan teams and customers all over the world.

What celebrity could be the perfect ambassador for this line?

You have to wait … New things happen so you will very quickly have the answer to that question (laughs).

What is the last piece you bought on Asos?

I had to go to a fairly formal event … I wanted to feel good and elegant at once, and I came across this black satin suit. We still find everything on Asos, right?