Sweetie X Gémo: Beautiful Basics At Low Prices


Followed by hundreds of thousands of people on social networks. the youtube user Sweetie is today at the heart of the new fashion. Solicited by the Gémo sign. The young woman has imagined her own collection. and the least that can be said is that it is successful. On the menu: beautiful basics at low prices that give us already want to crack. Meet.

To present this collection composed of 19 pieces in partnership with Gémo. Gwenn aka Sweetie chose the hip Hoxton hotel on the Grands Boulevards in Paris. But Sweetie is far, very far from the clichés usually attributed to influencers. Smiling and available, she sits very simply with us, apparently delighted to share her feelings on this line of clothes.

she has imagined herself:

“I wanted to create a collection that resembled me, but that everyone could wear it.” Gemo was the perfect brand to make clothes at affordable prices. and they really let me do what I wanted. ”

No question of playing the second roles for Sweetie. Her collection, she followed it from beginning to end:

“I’ve been working on it since January 2017. I started by creating mood boards, I even went to Fits of anger to take an active part in the design.

And for the investment to be worth it, she thought about the long-term:

“I wanted pieces that are always on the news in a long time, like this jegging way imitation leather. it is flexible but it has a very good support. and that it remains nickel and well stretch.

And because it still happens to have to do her shopping rayon child, Gwenn has also shaken the codes of the brand:

“I also changed the sizes at the level of the shoes, because I do the 35. It did not make XS or 34 either, they adapted.”

We told you, Sweetie took this challenge very seriously. We congratulate her for this collection. the beautiful basics at very low prices and we thank her for having agreed to ask for us!

Collection Sweetie X Gémo available from September 27, 2017

Sweetie X Gémo Pulled Laced Pink Powder
We Validate Pretty Pulled Laced Pink Powder.
Sweetie X Gémo Shirt
This Shirt Is Quite In The Codes Of The Season.
Ac - Dc Stamped Cut Top
We Crack For This Ac – Dc Stamped Cut Top.