Samsung Galaxy Camera Dropped Significantly

New launch more than 3 months the camera of the Samsung Galaxy Camera has dropped by nearly one third, from 12.8 million to 8.8 million.

Currently listing price for Samsung Galaxy Camera cameras in supermarkets and stores furniture business technology are fluctuating at around 9 million of which Mai Nguyen Luxury is selling for $ 8 , 9 million, and Pico Plaza priced 8.8 million. Meanwhile, just over 3 months ago, at the end of 12/2012 Vietnam when Samsung started selling this camera model, its selling price amounted to 12.8 million.

According to his share Mai Trieu Nguyen, Mai Nguyen Director of Luxury – a unit of the Samsung Galaxy Camera distribute genuine, sales numbers during the month rather slow, not many customers interested in the product this. According to his account Highlands, Vietnam needs of customers for this camera is not high stems from two reasons. First, the Galaxy Camera functions that provides not superior to high-end phones capable of taking good pictures, while the price of the machine is quite high. Second, the Samsung brand in the field of digital cameras is not enough to compete with rivals “stunned” such as Sony, Canon…

Samsung Galaxy Camera Dropped Significantly
Samsung Galaxy Camera Dropped Significantly

Explaining his reason coincides with the opinion of the majority of members on the forum technology to comment on this smart camera models. 12.8 million Price that Samsung launched a compact camera models in the market, despite attaching the label was “smart camera” is still considered too high and “unacceptable” At the most basic function of a camera is taking pictures, Samsung Galaxy Camera is only a sample-point-shooting general, prices for high-end products in the market ranges around 6-7 million. These features add to turn it into a “smart camera” as the operating system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with the ability to install applications or Wi-Fi connectivity, 3G … well just to make shooting and sharing photos of the user becomes more convenient, but not with the use of any other device, so hard to convince users to spend an additional big money.

With the price of the Galaxy Camera 12.8 million at that time, the user can complete the selection of high-end smartphone imaging capabilities as well as the Nokia Lumia 920 or HTC One X +, which is small convenient than just make calls but image quality is not worse than too much and if the best quality photos or want to own a traditional camera, with it, the user has the option reputation and superior quality as the PowerShot G series of Canon. In fact, not unexpected by many believers technology was launched after media effects, plus the user’s curiosity, Galaxy Camera was quickly forgotten and fell a no brakes.

N. T. Dung a photography lover in Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City to express their views “It has a beautiful design but if for photography, I think many people will not buy ‘the’ this with such prices I have more options to satisfy your passion for photography, such as a machine-SLR Canon 550D or 600D, both ‘pro’ more, just for the photos ‘quality’ than. course , share photos instantly is a good thing but this time everyone has the phone, computer, tablet … Just add a USB 3G can share your photos wherever you go then , does not necessarily have to spend too much money so “.

As a camera, but the image quality is not captured by the Galaxy Camera outperforms the best smartphone camera.
As a camera, but the image quality is not captured by the Galaxy Camera outperforms the best smartphone camera.

One reason why Samsung Galaxy Camera is not enough to convince users to Vietnam is not photo quality is really excellent. Share some members have used over the camera shows the image quality for the Galaxy Camera is not much better than some high-end smartphones such as the Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, iPhone 5. .., if not there is somewhat inferior. Home information technology world famous Phone Arena also similar comments after the trial and comparison shots of Galaxy smartphone cameras have some good camera. That makes the user more difficult to find a reason to spend a big amount for this camera.

At the international exhibition of photographic equipment and Ads (Vietnam International Digital Photo & Sign Show 2013) opening on 4/4 past, Samsung also participated with a display area of the device is its camera sold in Vietnam market. However, the number of tourists to visit and experience of Samsung products rather sparse, while the opposite is the Canon booth was very busy. The opposition was showing that consumers Vietnam has not really appreciate the camera’s product line brand from Korea.

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