Rumor! Xbox 720 Mandatory Connected to the Internet


You are looking forward to the Xbox 720 seems to have set up an internet connection capable and stable. Quoted from Ubergizmo, Saturday (6/4) gossip circulating that future game consoles made by Microsoft that requires an internet connection just to play games.

Rumor! Xbox 720 Mandatory Connected to the Internet

If used internet disconnected or faulty, gamers were given the opportunity to play in three minutes. Not only that, rumor there will be no games or applications that can be run if there is no internet connection is connected to the Xbox 720.

This step is actually pretty good for combating piracy. But the problem is, not all gamers have good internet.

Xbox 720 Will Have Features Similar to Siri?

As the news of the arrival of the Xbox 720 becoming widely heard, rumors of Microsoft’s latest console specification continues rolling. Latest gossip, Xbox 720 will have a voice assistant feature. Reportedly, the voice assistant feature embedded in the Xbox 720 will be similar to the ‘virtual assistant’ Siri the iPhone owned. The user shall be connected to the internet first before utilizing these features.

When confirmed, Microsoft is reluctant to give any information related to these rumors. What is clear, according to a spokesman for Microsoft, his team is currently focusing presenting great features on the Xbox 720.

Xbox 720 Will Have Features Similar to Siri

We are concentrating on what the next will we represent through our new platform but at this time we can not share any information,” the source said as quoted from Cnet, on Saturday (02/09/2012) But XBox enthusiast not have to wait long to find out. Other resources launch, Microsoft’s new console will be launched filmed around next month.

If true features like Siri voice control is embedded in the XBox 720, means Microsoft’s latest gaming console is going to be the first to have these features. Hmmm … retrospect, it is also unique when a console gamer himself could greet his favorite game, “Hi XBox”.

Xbox 720 Has “Wake On Vioce”

Xbox 720 Has Wake On VioceMicrosoft is getting serious work on their game consoles. In addition to Kinect-style motion sensor, the Xbox 720 will reportedly also include features like Siri voice recognition. Microsoft pun will focus on increasing the voice recognition feature on the new Xbox. Recent Xbox console will come with voice features, these include “wake on vioce” where the user can activate the console simply by saying “Wake up, the Xbox” or “Xbox on”.

In addition there will be the ability to interpret language like Siri voice feature on the Apple device. Reportedly the latest Xbox console can also convert voice into text, thanks to feature speech-to-text. With this feature users can send each other voice messages directly through the Xbox.

Shall be connected to the internet user’s advance to be able to take advantage of these features & Skype reportedly will also be present at Microsoft’s latest console. Xbox 720 is supposed to be launched at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013. The console has a code name Durango.

One source close to the company revealed the Xbox 720 specs. This console will use eight-core processor 1.6GHz x64 CPU from AMD, D3D11.x 800MHz graphics and 8GB of DDR3 RAM. The hard drive capacity is not yet known, but given Microsoft wants the game are available online, it will need a large capacity drives.