Robert Edwards Dies At The Age Of 87’Father Of In Vitro Fertilization’


On 10/4, the British scientist Robert Edwards, who received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work pioneering technical development of in vitro fertilization (IVF) has died, aged 87.

Announcement of the University of Cambridge, where he worked for Edwards, Edwards said the professor died peacefully in his sleep after a period of ill.

He Louise Brown, IVF Clinic Director by Mr. Edwards and a colleague founder, Professor Edwards is rated one of the greatest scientists of England.

Robert Edwards Dies At The Age Of 87'Father Of In Vitro Fertilization'

The work of his early 60’s of the last century as a breakthrough to enhance the quality of life of millions of people around the world. He always left a good impression on colleagues and patients.

Despite the obstacles of the church and a number of other scientists, Professor Edwards has spent his entire career researching how to turn the dream into a reality for millions of people suffering from infertility through development of IVF techniques.

He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2010, just five decades after he started IVF trials and nearly 3 decades after the first child born using this method.

The British biomedical Robert Edward won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2010 with great success in finding techniques of in vitro fertilization (IVF) to bring joy to millions of mother-father couples rarely late son.

Nobel Prize Jury emphasized his accomplishments achieved Edward laid the foundation for the development of modern medicine in treating infertility, estimated to affect more than 10% of couples in the world.

Professor Edward 85 years old this year. He graduated from the prestigious University of Cambridge and start IVF research techniques from the 1950s with colleague Patrick Steptoe, but he Steptoe died in 1988.

“First work” from his IVF technique is Edward Louise Brown was born on 25/07/1978 in the UK. The first child born using IVF techniques that marked the “revolution in fertility treatment.

Since then there have been 4 million people born thanks to IVF techniques. The probability of conception by IVF techniques are fifth, equal probability of conceiving naturally.

Mr. Edward will receive this award and prize money of 10 million Swedish Krona (approximately 1.4 million USD) in an awards ceremony held in Stockholm (Sweden) at the end of this year.

Nobel Prize in Medicine was the first to be published in the “Nobel season” every year. Tomorrow 5/10, Jury will announce the Nobel Prize in Physics.