Other Tips to Help You Buy is Never Outdated Smartphone


There are an infinite number of names to choose from smartphones like Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Google and Huawei, Pantech … Therefore, finding the right product for your needs as a result no easy task for users.

As smartphones have become a kind of “accessory” important people, the use of an inappropriate phone can disrupt daily life of ours. Most customers often use price as a top priority when shopping, however with the same price, you still have a “forest” of choice. As technologies become more sophisticated, more complex, the correct buy smartphones have become an “art” and buyers also need a few tips that can later become “artists”.

Other Tips to Help You Buy is Never Outdated Smartphone

Impressive Design

Design of smartphone is one of the deciding factors in choosing to buy cell phone consumers, especially in the age of technology today. More and more smartphone prove that he is not merely a communication device or service of the food but also accessories, jewelry holders. So select smartphone is sleek eye not impressed to be bored when using.

Also, depending on demand for select smartphones that fit appearance With the large screen phone, obviously the series in favor of the entertainment show movie files delight the eye. For the people who compose short messages, chatting on the social network, the best is to choose the type of smartphone is equipped with QWERTY keyboard.

Super Sharp Screen

720p screen with 5-inch size gives users high pixel density helps display images and sharp text. Based on the size of the screen that you want to use, try to find a smartphone with a pixel density / inch (ppi) of 250 or more. In fact, the density of 320ppi is the best because on this level, the human eye can not distinguish anymore. To calculate the number of pixels / inch, you can use DPI Calculator tool: you just enter the resolution and screen size.

The most advanced Android smartphones like Galaxy S4 and now HTC has one screen resolution Full HD (1080p) and make sure that trend will continue for a long time. However, if you’re keeping an eye on a phone 6 inches or more, the 1080p also means that the pixel density / inch to about 320ppi.

Selection of Appropriate Systems

For those not familiar with the technology, the choice of an operating system of Android, iOS, Windows Phone or any other mobile platform are also very difficult. Is difficult because any operating system exists both strengths and weaknesses. However, you need to select an operating system in accordance with the above purposes and therefore its best to answer this question will help you find the clear best.

For example, for those who want full control of the settings on the device from the task to the process will be more relevant to Google’s platform because Android operating system which is a relatively “open” and for customers who want to enjoy the best mobile gaming and latest apps, iOS is the most appropriate. Meanwhile, with the first smartphone to use and do not pay much attention to the application, then Windows Phone is the most accurate answer.

Camera Resolution

Camera has become an indispensable part of modern smartphones and their use does not stop at taking pictures or video recording. The application supports virtual reality (AR), scan card, letter recognition and facial gesture recognition – all depends on the features of the smartphone camera.

A “stop” is not the most important parameters are the sensor. For the modern smartphone, after lighting sensors (Backside Illuminated Sensor – BSI) is the best. In addition, you should also pay attention to the signal processor of the phone picture: This processor can completely good or bad influence on the quality of the photos end.

Selection of large battery capacity

When buying the machine, the user needs to know is the type of batteries used in phones and capacity (mAh) the greater the use of the phone as long. Smartphone battery drain quite touches so the user should select the type of battery that came with the 1500 mAh capacity.

However, it should be noted that the purpose and usage affects battery life. The battery of the machines used in place of regular waves to find waves weakness should be reduced very quickly compared to the wave device is full. The battery of the machine just to hear the call takes longer than the end of the game machine taking pictures watching movies all day.