New Fashion Manicure + Do Manicures Help Nails Grow For Well-Groomed


Fashion manicure nice and neat hand of a woman is a “business” card in today’s society. Beautiful and well-groomed hands woman or girl will be exactly the factor that accentuates her natural beauty. But the well-groomed nails crossed all the stylish outfit and all other grooming.

But we must remember that only properly painted nails is the last step in the process of manicuring. Beautiful and healthy nails – a good start for any kind of manicure.

Experts in the field of fashion and design pay attention to what manicure should always be perfect: neat, fashionable, stylish approach to clothes and makeup. Influenced by fashion trends changed and supplemented kinds of manicure , improved tools, and accessories. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular types of nail polish in our country and abroad.

Classic manicure – on top of the charts

Classic manicure is one of the most popular types of the manicure. But experts point out that during the meeting, you can damage the cuticle and bring an infection, so, in some countries, it already prohibits the relevant authorities.

European manicure – its main advantage and difference from the classical type of manicure is that the skin around the nail is not cut, but pulled, that is, all other operations are the same as in the classic manicure, but with less of a threat to human health. Specific technologies and applications specially selected emulsions and gels make it easy to soften the cuticle, and then going on stage grinding and polishing the nail plate.

French Manicure, Manicure Nail Tip, Which Has Become A Classic By French Fashion Designer

American manicure, which, judging from the title, it has gained the most popularity in America and manicure specialists in this country have developed a number of the features of the implementation process. Among a number of features of this kind deserve special attention manicure nail colors that are applied to the long oval nails. In the US, stylists note that nail color should match the color of lipstick.

French manicure – manicure, which has become a classic

French manicure – the most famous and elegant look manicure. It was created by French fashion designer who called it universal because they believe this approach to any manicure clothes. Today, the emphasis on doing French manicure nail tip (at the professional language it is called “jacket”).

Classic French Manicure By French Nail Art Fashion Designer

Experts wanted to add his vision of style and decided to use a non-standard art-jacket combination of colors. If only the white and solid color is used for the classic French manicure, then art-jacket can be used a combination of different colors (often even very bright, such as orange, purple, yellow, blue, green, and so on).

Photo of fashionable French manicure:

Moon manicure

Another popular type of nail recently – a moon manicure , French manicure which is the opposite.

Popular Moon Type Nail Manicure, Natural Nail Plate Solid French Manicure

Gel manicure

Gel manicure – this is not the nail, and their consolidation and strengthening. This effect is achieved by using a special coating gels. By gel grows your natural nail plate solid, so this procedure can be done without jeopardizing their health (but in the case of the absence of clinical contraindications).

Gel manicure: In recent fashion trends in manicure focused on naturalness in nail design, shape, and length. Today in vogue nails short oval classical form, but, as for nail design with their own hands , do not do anything difficult, not to do heavy graphics and nail decorations. Beautiful and fashionable nail you.