iPhone 5S & iPhone 6 Has Been Designed From The Steve Jobs


Apple has finished designing the next version 2 of the iPhone. Both models were developed during the reign of CEO Steve Jobs tried without Tim Cook.

It was revealed by the San Francisco prosecutor George Gascon, who was told about this secret meeting when Michael Foulkes, who is responsible for government relations for Apple last week. Assuming Apple continues to stick with naming ago, two samples Foulkes said that the iPhone could be the iPhone 5S & iPhone 6.

iPhone 5S & iPhone 6 Detail

iPhone 5S Can Float On The Flat Surface.
iPhone 5S Can Float On The Flat Surface.

Gascon each additional persuade Apple technology can disable iPhone, iPad after being stolen, making the device useless. If the device does not work after being reported stolen, thieves will tend to perform less theft. iPhone is related to more than half the robberies in San Francisco in 2012.

Reply to the San Francisco Examiner, Gascon said during a meeting with Apple, he revealed two next iPhone models to be developed before the successor Tim Cook, so it seems the most modern technologies are not taken into.

New Apple now offers the ability to lock and wipe data from iPhone to protect the victim away from the data loss. However, the company does not allow permanently disable devices for use later. These features are very well done and bring BlackBerry smartphones to the latest Z10.

iPhone 5S Can “Fly” Suspended?

According to the latest leaked image, iPhone 5S will be able to “fly” hovering on the flat surface and the design does not seem different from the iPhone 5.

The worker who requested anonymity claimed to have photographed models of Apple iPhone 5S samples and sign up a Chinese micro logging site. Images reveal not only the design of the smartphone “apple defect” but also revealed extremely groundbreaking features.

This feature seems to be developed from the model “” airbag “(air sacs) are described in a patent by Apple since 2010. Apple has developed a technology that allows iPhone” flying “hovering over the flat surface.

The source said the new feature called iFloat and will launch the iPhone 5S. iFloat will not support the older generation iPhone. These iPhone skins produced by third parties are sold on the market will also not be compatible with iFloat. The casing of the iPhone that Apple released the iPhone 5S will work with this feature.

Can iFloat aluminum coating to protect the iPhone from being scratched by contact with the surface. In addition, it also helps avoid breakdowns iPhone hardware by fall.