Instagram additional features tag friends in pictures for iPhone and Android Users & Instagram New Logo


Tag your friends in the picture is one of the great features and unique only on Facebook, but now it has also started to appear on the photo-sharing app Instagram. Accordingly, Instagram recently added tagging friends and relatives in a certain image. More specifically, similar to Facebook, when you take a picture of that finished, select “Add People” and then add the name of the person you want to tag on any point on the image. Note that the tag must be Instagram account (not Facebook). Besides, you can also tag locations mark the right location directly on the image.

Also tag features, Instagram 3.5 also added a new tab called “Photos of you”. Basically this section shall include all of the photos on Instagram tagged you in it, which helps users to easily manage and review their individual images or present themselves related to a much easier, no need to reach back, looking as before.

Instagram 3.5 now allowed iPhone users and Android devices download.

Along with the feature tag friends in photos, Instagram recently also introduced a new logo to identify the style unchanged from the old logo. Maybe users will not realize this change because the new logo has been developed based on the old font, the design rationale that they want to give allegiance to the font has pursued similar cases of Coca-Cola. New Logo of Instagram by Mackey Saturday, a friend of Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom design.

Instagram’s old logo was designed in the 1950s Billabong font with curved strokes and soft. Similarly, the new logo features to keep the soft and sinuous, but the word has a height equal to the major changes in the “i”, “n”, “m” or “s”. Mackey Saturday should design a new logo from the old platform and you drew them by hand. Reportedly, Mackey Saturday and Instagram have started designing the new logo over a year ago, since Facebook has not acquired Instagram. Here are some images of the new logo of Instagram.

Instagram New Logo Instagram New Logo-