How To Wear Fishnet Without “Doing Vulgar”?


Subject deemed sulfurous, the fishnet is yet a big comeback in the dressing of fashionistas. How to wear it with style? Manual.

Like a neo-belt

To wear the fishnet tights but not the first degree, it slips under jeans making it exceed the waist. This helps to refine the silhouette while giving a lot of style to a more classic look. The combination that works: tights, jean mom, and cropped sweater. Yes because of course, we must see a piece of fishnet!

Under jeans with holes

Indispensable dressing rockers, as well as the perfect, jeans, hole or destroy, has been a place in the wardrobe of many women. To give it a look a little sexier, you slip a fishnet tights underneath. Since it is not worn alone, it is not vulgar! Attention, only the classic black version is accepted!

Under jeans with holes

With a sportswear outfit

To play down the sexy side of the fishnet, we opt for a sportswear look as a basic style. With shorts or mini-skirt, we associate a hoodie or a zipped jacket. From that moment, you can opt for a fishnet tights. The best: take tight mesh for a feminine look but not sexy.

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To feminize sneakers

To match with your favorite white sneakers, the fishnet sock is the ideal solution. It will give a more girly side to your favorite Gazelle or Air Max. The good tip: choose socks of the same color as your sneakers for a perfect wink to the tip of your toes!

feminize sneakers