How To Slim Legs, Stomach And Hips With Exercises To Do At The Gym Or At Home


How to slim legs in anticipation of the test suit, here are some simple exercises help you streamline your thighs, stomach and hips to do in the gym or even comfortably at home. That you enroll in a gym, or you prefer the convenient home fitness (i.e. gymnastics from home), to slim the critical points of the female figure – the legs, especially the thighs, stomach and hips – you need to sweat a little.

How to Slim Legs At Home

How to slim legsHow to slim legs to be able to show off a flat stomach, slim legs and slender and elegant silhouette, it is not enough to lose a few extra pounds too well distributed in these areas of the body, it is necessary to train the muscles and firm the tissues.

A good exercise program to slim the legs, abdomen and hips, then, is not apart from the classic bodyweight exercises that can be performed either in the gym or at home, with the aid of tools easy to find and small weights such as dumbbells, and the fit ball. For one thing, if you enroll in a gym,How to slim legs look to a good trainer and ask him or her that, considering your type of physicality, establish a good training to be carried out at least three times a week (the minimum to be able to see the results).

How to slim legs among the exercises are essential abs, to be performed on the ground, on a mat, or on the bench, even using weights to train at the same time his arms. Here is an example of a useful exercise to streamline and also train your legs:How to slim legs Lie down on the mat with your back flat on the floor and keep your arms straight at her sides with her hands folded under him. Slowly raise your legs upwards and hold for at least 20 seconds , then slowly return to starting position and repeat the exercise for three sets of fifteen times (start with less, if you can not make it).

A good exercise for the hips, however, may be the following: upright, legs wide apart and raise your right arm, pushing it up and placing it in the right ear. How to slim legs Sprung three times” pulling” well and return to the starting position. Repeat with the right arm and performed three sets of 20. To train your legs and flatten your tummy, then, is very useful step, as well as the treadmill.

Regarding the first type of training, you can do it at home by simply using the steps of the house. The sides will streamline with the rotations. How to slim legs in the gym you will find specialized tools, while at home you can take advantage of the classic broom stick, to keep in the back of the neck with her arms rose, which will serve as the center of gravity to rotate the torso. Same goes for the hula hoop, but if you love pilates, the gym, you can choose a course of this kind, and use a tool like a nice fit -ball (which, however ,How to slim legs  you can grab even at home ), to train your abs, legs and hips.

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