How To Choose The Right Hair Color Easy At the Same Time


How to choose the right hair color changing your hair color can be easy and difficult at the same time, you have to choose a color that you give us. It is also much easier to darken the hair than lighten them; it is more difficult to lighten darker shades, especially if you have already dyed your hair black. So choose carefully and consider these tips in choosing the right hair color for you.

How to choose the right hair color, taking into account the following factors:

How to choose the right hair color

1 The color of the skin is the most important factor in choosing the right hair color.

White skin: go well all shades lighter and brighter then the blond, the light brown, dark blond, the coppery mahogany, while dark colors will make you look pale;

Olive skin: all shades seem to be going well; here you can choose what you want because your skin is in harmony with both darker shades and blonde shades;

Dark skin: shades of brown, red and black.

2 Eye color: The second factor is the color of the eyes, are preferred shades of hair going in contrast with the color of the eyes, to make them stand out, as the table shows:

Blue eyes: shades of blonde, red, brown.

Green eyes: shades of blonde, red and brown.

Brown eyes clear shades of red, light or dark brown and black.

Dark brown eyes: shades of black, dark brown and red.


How to choose the right hair color, if you have natural hair without having done a lot of colors, almost any color will be applied well; it will be easier to darken than to lighten.
If you are a light blonde, a tint too dark like black could be a greenish effect, so be careful; Also be careful if you go from black to blond could come out of an orange.