Harming The Disease Carries 6


Also children under 1 year of age is not recommended, the abdominal pain, bowel disease, diabetes , atherosclerosis, cholecystitis and pancreatitis caution or avoid yogurt.

1. Yogurt and yogurt is not a form of

Yogurt and yogurt is liquid or as a set, but in fact these are two completely different products. Yogurt is pure cow milk undergoes fermentation should constitute its nature of dairy categories. As pure liquid yogurt product line of beverages.

Yogurt has very high nutritional content. According to the regulations , every 100g of yogurt containing at least 2.9 g protein. Meanwhile nutrients in yogurt form of only one third of them, or about 1 gram of protein in 100g.
Harming The Disease Carries 62. Every day should eat two cups of yogurt

Whatever your favorite yogurt to where you should not eat too much, especially after meals because this can make you gain weight rapidly.

The reason you should not eat yogurt after meals is because yogurt itself contains a certain amount of heat, so if you eat immediately after a meal is synonymous with excess energy recharge your body and increase balance is inevitable.

For healthy people, eating only the best every day for one to two cups of yogurt. And the best time to use this dish as a meal after about 30 minutes to an hour to regulate the beneficial bacteria for the gut.

 3. Yogurt can reheat

Due to fear of the beneficial bacteria in yogurt destroyed when experiencing high temperatures, many people only use certain frozen yogurt, but in fact this is not entirely accurate. The warm yogurt does not affect the nutritional value of milk but also increases the activity of the bacteria of milk, increase the protection of the health effects of milk.

Natural yoghurt soak in warm water about 45 degrees to the touch and warm cans that you can use.

4. Yogurt can not coordinate with any food

If you eat yogurt with processed foods from the meat high fat content such as sausages, salami, cured meat, it is likely you will cause damage to your health. That’s because sunphuro H2S03 acid in foods can combine with amines in milk creates carcinogens.

And if you use common yogurt with antibiotics as cloramfenikon, eritromixin, Sunfa it means you manually destroy the beneficial bacteria in milk. But you absolutely can rest assured when combining yogurt with starchy foods like rice, bread, noodles, dumplings, monitor contractor…

5. Yogurt does not help with weight loss

Meaning the only yogurt gives those who want to lose weight is to create a feeling of fullness and abdominal thus can reduce the amount of food in a meal afterwards. But because of energy opposite in yogurt even higher than normal milk, so if you eat a lot of your weight will naturally skyrocket.

So if you are in weight loss mode, choose the low-fat yogurt or sour milk have low energy. This formula but not taste as fresh skimmed yogurt, but you will less likely to gain weight because there is no excess heat buildup.
Harming The Disease Carries6. No anti- hunger with yogurt

When hungry, the pH of the human stomach is always high and this is harming the beneficial bacteria in yogurt, health-promoting effects of yogurt thus significantly reduced. Therefore, you should only eat the best yogurt around 1-2 hours after meals, by this time in your stomach gastric juice has been diluted, the pH in the stomach is also suitable for dairy bacteria proliferate.

Eating yogurt at night is very good for health but remember time brushing after eating by some bacteria in yogurt and acidic substances can harm teeth.

7. Not everyone is eating yogurt

Yogurt is good but does not mean everyone has to be used. Children under one year of age should not use yogurt. The abdominal pain or diarrhea, intestinal disease people should be cautious when using yogurt.

In addition, patients with diabetes, atherosclerosis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis and best to avoid sugar and yogurt have high fat content, if not more severe illness.

In contrast, those who regularly drink alcohol, smoke, work on computers, or those who have constipation, osteoporosis, heart disease, yogurt regularly used to improve health.