5 Hairstyles Trends Spring-Summer 2017 2018 Identified At Fashion Week


The Hairstyles Trends presented for four intensive weeks their Spring-Summer 2017 2018. This period fashion is also an opportunity for hairdressers to highlight future trends. Paris Fashion Week ended the show the opportunity for us to identify the most beautiful hairstyles.

Fashion Week is a highly anticipated by fashionistas period. This is an opportunity to identify any trends in the coming season. Whether it is clothing accessories makeup and hairstyles we marvel at each show.

Discover the 5 hairstyles trends for spring-summer 2017 2018 views on Parisian catwalks.

Parted In The Middle

Minimalist hairstyles have invaded many podiums. They materialize this season, by a stingray in basic medium surrounded by a mass of hair intentionally wrinkled. Miu Miu and Chloe make this hairstyle falsely wise, the star of their show.

Long Straight Medium Hairstyles At Fashion Week
The result is minimalist and wise to leave the show clothing. However, we like the idea of wearing this hairstyle every day. (Chloé show)
Middle Wise Long Medium Hairstyles At Fashion Week Miu Miu
No, we do not dream, the top voluntarily a strand of hair stuck to her gloss. All models of the parade have been entitled. A rebellious way to boost the line in traditional and middle wise. (Miu Miu)

The Androgynous Wet Effect

This is Hairstyles Trends trend of the season. According to Anthony Turner, hairstylist at L’Oreal , do not be afraid to abuse hairspray and gel to get that “wet” effect. The idea is to get a boyish hairstyle where the hair is pulled back in a “hair gel “. The wet effect was spotted at Kenzo, Roland Mouret , John Galliano and Anthony Vaccarello. Then as Hermès more discreetly.

Wet side Hairstyles Look At Fashion Week
Wet hair side effect and are once again at the rendezvous, this trend will most certainly the star of the red carpet next summer 2017 2018 The look “bad girl” Anthony Turner Kenzo


Wild Bun

Girls overdependent next season, the prim bun against a version of “worst kind” of trucks. The hair is ruffled and twirling strands from all sides. Alexis Mabille accessory a silk headband while Giambattista Valli revisits the banana bun grunge release.

Banana Bun With Silk Headband At Fashion Week

The First Appearance Of The Class

In contrast, the wisest of us to crack wise hairstyles spotted on some shows. Valentino decorates his wise hair parted in the middle while the line side is pushed to the extreme in Stella McCartney.

sleek hairstyles With nude makeup At Fashion Week
The sleek hairstyles convent accompanied the nude make-up for the shows next summer. This is the case with Stella McCartney. (Balenciaga)

The Blonde In Excess

The California blond blonde does not seem enough for some designers. The blonde wants ultra platinum Chanel and Manish Arora. The effect “straw” seems even tolerated. So we finally dare the leap from fading next summer.

Blond Blonde Long Hairstyles At Fashion Week