Gangnam Style Set a Record in the History of Youtube: Over 2 Billion Views


Gangnam Style of Youtube over 2 billion views! The unthinkable happened when the view count of Gangnam Style has reached the maximum that the current system allows display of Youtube.

Gangnam Style New a Record in the History of Youtube

Gangnam Style
Gangnam Style Set a Record in the History of Youtube Over 2 Billion Views After 2 years from the date of reaching 1 billion passengers view, we have admiration for this guy

Gangnam style was officially established record of “unprecedented” when hitting the maximum view that Youtube can now display: 2,147,483,647 views. The reason for this is because the maximum number is the maximum value that a 32-bit integer can be reached. Wait about the amount that can be obtained from PSY this, the mere fact that someone continues to see Gangnam style after it was all “hot” for a long time is enough to make people amazed.

Record 1 billion views on YouTube first view in December 2012, PSY Gangnam’s style was resoundingly worldwide, and the effects of which are still dancing horses today. Maybe when using 32-bit integer value as display turns view, the main Google could not have imagined that one day there might push down clip is limited to its maximum. Now, maybe we should spend the same admiration for his work PSY while waiting for Google settlement “limit” is.