Fashion: 7 Pieces To Shopper Urgently To Adopt The Mustard This Fall


Mustard is the must-have color of autumn. Perfect to blend with the dead leaves that are in season. This color is not always considered to its true value. puts the clock back on time by unveiling its selection of mustard favorites.


7. The pleated skirt

Why do we succumb?

This piece combines two trends of autumn 2017: pleated and metallic effect. Two details that give pep’s to mustard that some tend to find dull. Here, scintillating look guaranteed!

What are we wearing it with?

With sober pieces. This autumn, the pleated midi skirt is worn with a knitted sweater. that will be black or white. At the feet, we put on a pair of sneakers to dedramatize the whole.

Pleated metallic skirt, Mango, 35,99 €