Daisy Ridley: Fashion Show For The Beautiful Star Wars 8 Actress


Principal actress of the two last films of the saga “Star Wars”, Daisy Ridley is as much a sensation lightsaber in the hand as on the red carpet.

Style review!

On the style side, Daisy Ridley is a real rising star … as well as the rise of her acting career and her popularity. Always elegant but also particularly daring, the Star Wars girl makes the show on the red carpet without her lightsaber!

Daisy Ridley In Black Dress With Star Wars Combination

Forgotten adventurous loincloths and boots made to run in space, the dressing of the beautiful English is rather that of the modern princess. Paco Rabanne, Oscar de la Renta or Christian Dior, Daisy Ridley adopts the craziest pieces of trendy creators of the moment. But not only, she knows how to find the most confidential brands that will make fashion tomorrow.

Last example to date?

A Mouse dress worthy of “La Guerre des Etoiles” that she displayed with style on the red carpet.

Daisy arriving to film Jimmy Kimmel Show. Black really is her colour ?

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The fashionable ideas of Daisy Ridley

The actress of the next opus “Star Wars, the last Jedi” has enough to make us dream on the red carpet. But also every day. Here are some fashion tips that one pricks to him thanks to her last appearances.

  • – Bet on the belt at the waist: with a black dress or an oversized jacket, we opt for an XXL belt that will give a real pinup look.
  • – To dare the pants like evening dress: the dress is not obligatory. Well chosen, the pants or the combination can also be extremely elegant pieces.
  • – Do not be afraid of the print: on a total look or on a strong piece (midi skirt or jacket), the print is often the good idea. We dare big flowers or even the colorful leopard.
  • – The discreet accessory is king: no it-bag XXL or very bright jewelry, a small bracelet and a pocket are enough! The proof of Daisy.

Daisy Ridley Wore Pants Like Evening Dress At Star Wars Show

At 25, Daisy Ridley obviously has a lot to teach us in terms of style. Strongly following the saga!