Christmas Sweater, For Or Against: The Debate Of The Editorial


The fabulous and very kitschy Christmas sweater is it ok off raclette party? divided between Fashion & writing.

Christmas Sweater

For: The opinion of Clément Laré (fashion editor)

Because, just like Mariah Carey’s annual comeback, the crowds on Sunday at shops or liver crises at Ferrero Rocher – synonymous with the arrival of the end-of-year festivities, the sweater of Christmas is a must to survive in December, with rainy days and repeated colds.

Object as much loved as vilified, it has this peculiarity of being sure the only garment whose extreme ugliness makes it more endearing. Because the mere vision of a shiny green reindeer print on a blood-red background ensures an immediate effect on anyone crossing your path.

So you are dressed in a warm garment that spreads around him a little magic and happiness. Yes, with your sweater on your back, you are the Santa Claus of the smile, distributing sweetness around you. So much joy in a knitwear, it’s still beautiful.

Against: the opinion of Pauline Arnal (fashion editor)

Do we wear Santa’s red hat as a trendy accessory? If you doubt it, the answer is no. Same thing for the Christmas sweater! Thank you for leaving it in its place, that of a piece of a disguise for the holidays of the end of the year. Make your friends laugh for the Secret Santa, that’s good. For the rest, fashion does not necessarily have a lot of humor. And that suits us!Knitwear Christmas Sweater

If ridicule does not kill, it greatly alters our sense of style. you must confuse with that of Carrie Bradshaw! The wardrobe of Bridget Jones has never been taken as a reference.  If for Christmas, you could offer me as a gift the closing of the “embroidered knitting and embroidering fir and reindeer” shelves, that would be the dream. Oh the magic of Christmas … the