Causes Of Hair Loss Explanations From Experts


Most sad when seeing more and more strands of hair that fall out every day. Moreover, if we realize that once your hair is thinning because loss thick is.

Many aspects of our lifestyle, from what we eat to how we arrange the hair, which affect the strength of the hair fiber,Show Alan Baumann, MD, an expert hair transplant. However, it is not too late if we want fix. Find out first what is normally cause hair loss.

Shampooing with warm water

Hot water can absorb moisture in the hair strands, thus making the hair dry and brittle. This is what makes the hair easy to fall out, according to Ryan Welter, MD, a hair transplant from Boston.

Hot water not only removes the natural protective oils of hair, but also make the pores of the head worked hard to produce oil. This can damage the hair roots and accelerate.
Causes of Hair Loss explanations from expertsOften Use Products And Hairdressing Tools

The protein will grow hair and coconut leaf lanyard damaged when exposed to hot steam from hairdressing tools.Once the cuticle is damaged, the balance will be disturbed humid and hair more susceptible to fractures,

Restrict the use of hairdressing, whether it’s a blow dryer or pencatok hair, only two or three times a week. The program may use to cold. Previously, use a protective spray that reduces friction heat. Avoid too hairdressing products that make hair sticky and stiff. While we strive comb, hair could be broken.

Combing Hair While Still Wet

Strands of hair becomes more fragile in wet conditions. Let the hair dry rub vigorously with a towel, then comb the situation is still wet, can encourage hair to break. Avoid combing hair so finished shampooing. Even better, you comb the hair prior to shampooing membasahinya. Then dab with a soft towel when you’re done with it.

Often Hair Mengucir

Tie hair into pigtail braids horse or indeed practical impact, but can be very stressful on the hair follicles. As a result, the hair trigger so damaged and scarred forever destroying the hair follicle, so says Doris Day, MD, a dermatologist in New York City.

If left unchecked, this can cause problems alopecia, a condition that weakens hair follicles and make the hair permanently is not possible to grow again. Therefore, reducing the norm mengucir hair, especially while sleeping (to prevent friction with the pillow). Even if the need to tie, try a loose knot.

Often Scratching Head

Be careful when we often scratch your head, either because of dandruff, sweat, or other causes. Scalp itch and scratch the site often can cause hair damage that triggers loss,

Similarly, damaged cuticle, hair fibers can be broken. Well, if your scalp is itchy, is shampooed with shampoo containing selenium, zinc, or tea tree oil. If no, ask for a prescription from a doctor.

Often Did Not Get Shampooed

Shampooing is necessary, but too often or too infrequent shampooing too bad.The remnants of shampoo or dandruff on the scalp advantages already proven to clog hair follicles and, more seriously, it could complicate hair growth,says Dr. Day.

Occasionally slipshod shampooing is not a problem. But so it becomes a habit, shampoo residue, dirt and oil on the scalp can clog the pores in the scalp. Ideally, wash hair every two days, especially when you’re sweating a lot and use products hairdressing.

Often Exposed To Sunlight

While we are often exposed to the sun, not only inflamed skin will not get any protection, but also hair. The hair will lose its strength and elasticity.

Prolonged sun exposure can cause the cuticle layers are weakened and fractured, making hair loss so fragile and easy, The solution, try to impose a cap or umbrella when the weather is hot.