Top 9 Beauty Tips For Face the Arrival of Summer!


Beauty tips for Face It is approaching the summer with the arrival of the sun and higher temperatures are even more happy and serene. Not so much in January, because now is the time to do the good intentions to keep for spring (and beyond!) Resolutions that will benefit our wellbeing and our beauty…

Here Are a Few Simple Beauty Tips For Face that We Are Sure Will Help You Feel better.


9. Stop Smoking

A classic about the New Year for many people, but how can we really? What can help? Drink water, chew gum, and make the move, throwing ashtrays and lighters that you have at home. And to think that with the money saved for packets of cigarettes, you can indulge in a little whim much more fulfilling, like a pair of shoes or a nice blouse. Quitting smoking will taste even better the food, the smells and feel better to have a skin much more fresh and bright!